Nazarene Care
What is Nazarene Care?

Nazarene Care or NazCare for short is a God Seekers lead, easy to use, website that allows Grace Point Church of the Nazarene to connect with those who are in need of service or volunteer help. This website helps connect those in need (attendees of the church, different community projects, and Salt & Light) with those who want to help. Our goal is to be God's hands and feet in spreading the Gospel message.

Who are the God Seekers?

"God Seekers"is a Grace Point Church of the Nazarene Sunday school class that is made up of mixed age adults. This class is dedicated to a verse-by-verse study of scripture in practical, everyday language. This class meets in Room 34 on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.  There are Sunday morning fellowship times, regular planned activities, and services projects.  This class is team taught by Bill Royce and Stephen Hamilton. Click the "Link Button" for our website.

What is Salt & Light?

Salt & Light is a list of organizations in which the people of Grace Point Church participate and volunteer.  This list helps connect the church to our local community.  For more information please click the "Link Button".